Yucca, Arizona ~ New Route 66 Alignment

   Yucca Motel   

From the Colorado River you can cross over into California and continue on to Needles. If you started in Kingman, Ariziona and are making a circle tour of the Cool Springs area you could return to Kingman via the Interstate. This follows the path of the newer alignment of Route 66 that was laid down in the early 1950s. When the Interstate was built in the 1970s it followed this new alignment of Route 66. The town of Yucca boomed during the short years that Route 66 passed through. Yucca provided tourist accommodations and services to the dusty desert traveler. Though located on the new Interstate today, that wasn't enough to keep some of these Yucca businesses alive. Highway memories abound in this small desert town as evidenced by this lonely motel sign. The site of the motel is now a vacant lot.